Meet the Girls

Photography by Angie Norwood Browne

I finally got my chickens! I am so excited and so in love! They are only 1 week old and already they have so much personality. I can’t wait for the eggs and the great ferilizer. My Grand Mother’s name was Emeline and she had three sisters, Hortence, Orgita, and Josephine, and my other Grand Mother was Artemise.


About anbphoto

I never thought I'd start a blog because I'm not a writer. I am a Southern Catholic girl, a commercial food Photographer and an avid gardener. I have always wanted to journal my garden; growing food (fruit, herbs and vegetables), photographing ingredients from earth to plate and sharing the recipes I love. Someone suggested that I forget about all the writing and simply share my photographs and recipes. Perfect! My blog is an exploration of home gardening and cooking, so here is a little history of me and how "Stray Cats and Blackberries" came about. Born and raised in Alabama, my love for food lies in Southern cuisine. I learned early on that life is a party revolving around friends and family sharing food and wine. Backyard Summer bbqs, black eyed peas and collard greens on New Year's Day or ham and chocolate on Easter are just a few favorite Southern traditions I love sharing. I became fascinated with gardening when my husband and I bought our first house. I am a mother, a wife and someone who appreciates the little treasures and traditions in life. My garden started as an empty parking lot behind a Mom & Pop grocery store that my husband and I bought and renovated into a photography studio. While my husband put on his carpenter pants I put on my gardening gloves. Thirteen dumpsters at three tons each and nearly three years later I had a plantable space to sew seeds. I have been a food photographer and gardener for over 20 years and love the idea of merging my passions by growing food, photographing my harvest and sharing recipes with you. Enjoy


  1. Linn Caine

    Love them! Love the pics!

  2. cheryl weese

    they are so cute.. How are you going to remember those names. I’ll just call them Cutie. Here cutie, cutie…

  3. I’m looking forward to reading about your chicks in future posts. Can you tell us which breeds you selected?

    • Emeline is an Americana, she will lay blue or green eggs. Hortence is an Easter egger,she will lay green eggs. Orgita is a blue splash maran, she will lay dark brown eggs with spots. Josephine is my mystery bird she is either a Rhode Island Red or a blue Orpington, either way she will lay brown eggs. Artemise is a black sex link and she will lay brown eggs. I choose them because of the way they look and I wanted an assortment of eggs. It is already so fun.

  4. Dorothee

    so cute ..

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