First Annual Rib Cook Off 2012

We started a new traditions in our neighborhood a Rib Cook Off. Here’s what Maia, my friend’s 10 year daughter had to say about it.

Recipes to follow soon.

Rib Cook-off Program

September 1,2012

Dean and Jon, neighborhood pals, go up against each other in the mighty battle of ribs to be held this evening. At around 6:00, testers will taste the difference between Dean’s Traeger and Jon’s Weber Smoky Mountain (A.K.A. Weber Bullet).

Dean, an eager contestant, relays some thoughts.  His main strategy: “low and slow.” He also says “I’m gonna try the foil method this time.  It’s supposed to keep the ribs moist.
The method he is using is to cook the ribs wrapped in foil for part of the time. Jon however is using a method that includes covering them in foil after they are done and putting them in a paper bag for an hour.  When Dean is asked whose method he prefers, he says “I don’t know it’s really an experiment.  I’ve never heard of his method before.  I guess that’s what we will find out tonight.  And you, the people of Beacon Hill, will be the final judge.”

After Noah (Dean’s 7yr.old son) voiced the hope that his father would win, Dean simply chuckled and said wisely: “It’s not about who wins. It’s about who eats the most ribs.”

One of Jon’s favorite strategies is using big chunks of wood because they burn longer.  He also thinks highly of agitating the coals and keeping himself hydrated while barbecuing.

This time around, he is using a mister instead of a sprayer for the apple juice, but this change is not a great sorrow to him.  “I think misting is superior because it diffuses the liquid,” he remarks.  After being inquired about the difference between his and Dean’s smokers, he comments on his own “it takes more effort.”  He multitasks by whittling while he is barbecuing.  We all know he loves to “rib” and when asked why, he replies automatically “I like the fact that there are no short cuts, it just takes time.”


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